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The Glamorous Burger Champ

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Glamorous Burger reviewed

By Burger Grinch

In Lisboa we were keen to test out Burger Champ in Campo Pequeno, recently declared “The World’s Greatest Burger,” by The Weeknd. Burger Champ is a trendy layout in the trendy restaurant section of town, Pequeno Campo. Interior design was “burger-cool,” and service staff was exceptionally good. We arrived hungry and ordered 4 burgers, including the Glamorous, of The Weeknd fame. Would the burgers live up to the hype, read on?

The Glamorous Burger Champ


The Glamorous Burger Champ

The Glamorous | Burger Champ














Quick Verdict: “Can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk”

Bun: 15/20

Decent brioche bun. It was fresh, a bit too squishy and had some strange melted cheese thing on the top. One extra point for style.


Toppings: 12/20

The signature elements on the Glamorous are crispy bacon and caramelized onions. I found my bacon to be salty and a bit dry, maybe overcooked in spots. Onions lacked a distinct flavor but had a good texture. One of these two components was a touch burnt and that overpowered the balance of flavors.


Condiments: 7/10

A simple ketchup and mustard, nothing wrong with that.


Cheese: 8/10

A nice cheddar cheese in this burger. Well cooked, it melted nicely and provided a welcome creamy texture. Overall a good choice which complimented flavor and lubed up the burger and helped it go down nicely. Would have been nice to have two slices, or one thicker one.


Beef: 16/20

The Glamorous boasts a 100% Black Angus Beef patty weighing in at 160grams. Quality beef for sure and scored well. Maybe a touch overcooked (see photo) but probably done to legally conform to local Health and Safety rules. Patty had a nice taste and texture. On any other day, I would have ordered a double patty and that says they must be doing something right!


Taste: 14/20

Overall taste was decent to good. If ever returning to Burger Champ I might add a couple personal touches to this burger to fit my taste.

Verdict: 72/100

Burger Champ’s Glamorous burger was good, period. We were drawn in by the hype provided by the accolades heaped on with The Weeknd’s social media post, but our experience fell far short of his grandiose claim, “The Greatest Burger in THE WORLD!” And this claim appears everywhere; it is ALL OVER social media, is generously spread throughout Burger Champ’s menu, social and in-store decor. Certainly a claim to be proud of, but one can’t help but wonder if The Weeknd’s visit was spontaneous or an organized marketing effort (paid). Taste is subjective and who are we to say that this was not The Weeknd’s, “Greatest” burger? But for us, this wasn’t certainly not the greatest burger in Portugal and I would confidently wager not even the greatest burger in Lisboa.


So we were left wondering, How much does The Weeknd in Lisboa cost? In conclusion, consider that a 72/100 score from BurgerGrinch, is high praise from a tough critic. Burger Champ proved to be an authentic and worthy burger joint. While The Weeknd thing felt a bit like typical social media blathering, that would attest to having a savvy marketing team and we can’t help but celebrate that. The restaurant business is not easy, harder even for burgers as a non-traditional cuisine in Portugal. The industry would do well to note Burger Champ’s multi-channel marketing push around this plug from The Weeknd, clearly, they have game!

P.S. – credit to The Weeknd, seems like a decent human being.

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