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Hamburger da Quinta Quinta Dos Santos

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Family was visiting and so we picked a lunch spot that was aesthetically pleasing and tranquil, Quinta Dos Santos in Carvoeiro. As locations go, Quinta Dos Santos has it all, vineyard, brewhouse and restaurant. Décor is great, a modern Southern Med style with well manicured fixtures and vineyard. The whole experience very much, “looks the part,” of idyllic Algarve Quinta and so I was a bit shocked to find a brewery within. I had been thinking to order grilled fish and Algarvian Salad, but seeing the brewhouse stirred within me a primal urge for a brewpub burger with all the fixings. How did I fare with the Hamburger Da Quinta, read on to find out!

Hamburger da Quinta Quinta Dos Santos


Hamburger da Quinta Quinta Dos Santos

Hamburger da Quinta | Quinta Dos Santos














Quick Verdict: “Nice view…”

Bun: 9/20

Quinta Dos Santos serves their signature burger on a brioche bun. The bun looks great and provided enough structure but it had not discernable flavor, and did not contribute to a pleasant structure. The menu advertises the bun as toasted but it certainly was not, though toasting would have added to a better flavor and structure. Instead, the bun was cold, like it was just out of a bag, as reflected in the score.


Toppings: 6/20

Standard toppings for this burger are caramelized onions and crispy lettuce. I will hope that burger toppings are farm fresh from their quinta, maybe serving as the inspirational force for branding it Hamburger Da Quinta. Inspiring maybe but hot caramelized onions are difficult to make work with lettuce. The result was a blend of the two toppings into a less than impressive mix.


Condiments: 5/10

The sole condiment was BBQ sauce. On many burgers a single condiment can work and BBQ sauce is my preferred sauce of choice, but in this burger the strength of the sauce disrupted the burger. Maybe if the sauce had a stronger vinegar component or a different blend of flavors, it might have helped? But no, unfortunately the BBQ sauce did save this burger.


Cheese: 2/10

The menu claims to put Serra cheese on this burger, but I have no idea whether that is true. Serra is a Portuguese cheese, semi-soft in nature and with a touch of sour. Whatever cheese there was left not noticeable taste signature. Personally, oveja (sheep) cheeses are amongst my favorite though for this burger I would have preferred a selection more cured and sharp.


Beef: 9/20

The beef patty on the Hamburger Da Quinta appears to be high quality. Yet, the score given is below passing. Ultimately, the quality of the beef was wasted with improper seasoning and cooking that left the patty tasteless and with an unappealing texture.


Taste: 2/20

Overall taste was shockingly poor. It looked so good, but yah it was not good. Two main culprits to blame here, for this disappointing burger; texture and flavor combinations. For some reason, when you bite into the Quinta Dos Santos burger creation it feels a lot like indistinct warm wet mush.



Verdict: 33/100

Quinta Dos Santos really laid an egg with their Hamburger Da Quinta. I coaxed my companion to take a bite. They immediately spat it out, like a reflex and something we now call, “The Five Guys Reflex.” (check out the article here). When someone spits out food that fast, it sort of tells all you need to know. The stinger to this burger is the price tag, at a whopping 19€ (fries included). My advice to Quinta Dos Santos, if you are going to open a brewhouse pub… your burger better killer good!!

At least the view was lovely.

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