Burger King at Porto Airport | Skyway Robbery??

Burger King at Porto Airport Skyway Robbery

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By Tiffany Valentine

Burger King – a name synonymous with quick, satisfying bites, an old reliable we’ve trusted for years. But does that reliability hold up when you’re on the go at an airport? Our recent rendezvous at Porto Airport left us questioning everything we thought we knew about on-the-fly dining. A quick, one-day trip to Porto, and as our stomachs growled with hunger, there it was – the familiar and comforting Burger King sign. In times of uncertainty, it’s the go-to choice, isn’t it?

Our journey kicked off with a jolt, setting the stage for what was to come: the price tag. A staggering 16.99 Euros for a burger? We get it; airports tend to hike up prices, but this felt excessive, even by those standards. The Angus Grill, a reliable favorite that usually sets you back around 10 euros, had suddenly taken a financial leap. Burger King, a brand we’ve loved and trusted, you left us with a sour taste.

Despite the initial shock, fueled by both hunger and loyalty, we placed an order, optimistic for that familiar, premium Burger King experience. Little did we anticipate the unfolding of our disappointment.

Burger King at Porto Airport Skyway Robbery


Burger King at Porto Airport Skyway Robbery

Burger King at Porto Airport | Skyway Robbery??














Quick Verdict: “A Pricey Disappointment”

Bun: 4/20

The bun was a significant letdown. It appeared to be drier than a dessert, crumbling and breaking apart as I attempted to savor the burger. The promising bun lacked the softness and flavor expected from a Burger King bun. 

Toppings: 5/20

The toppings were another disappointment. All the veggies were sloppily assembled and far from fresh. The advertised crispy bacon strips, oak-smoked cheddar cheese, golden crispy onions, fresh rocket, and pink pickled onions sounded fantastic on paper. However, the execution left much to be desired, not capturing the essence of Burger King.

Condiments: 3/10

This burger came with an excessive amount of mayonnaise that almost made me feel queasy. Perhaps this is a matter of personal taste, and mayo enthusiasts might enjoy it. However, in my opinion, it overwhelmed the burger’s other flavors, leaving it messy and hard to handle.

Cheese: 2/10

The menu claimed the use of oak-smoked cheddar cheese, but it was barely noticeable. The semi-soft texture and subtle smokiness of cheddar cheese did not make a notable impact on the burger’s overall taste.

Beef: 6/20

The beef patty, which typically stands out as the highlight of a Burger King burger, was a massive disappointment in this case. It appeared to be high-quality, but it didn’t deliver on its usual grill taste. The patty was not seasoned adequately and was served cold, detracting from the signature taste that Burger King’s flame-grilled Angus beef patties are known for.

Taste: 3/20

The overall taste of this burger was far from satisfying. Despite the promising ingredients, the execution was lackluster. The absence of fresh veggies, a cold patty, and the excessive mayo application drowned out the distinctive Burger King flavors I expected. It felt like a wasted opportunity.

Overall Score: 25/100

The burger, unfortunately, didn’t live up to the standards we associate with Burger King. The absence of fresh ingredients was evident, and the dry, crumbly bun added to the letdown. The patty, disappointingly cold, lacked the usual grill flavor that sets Burger King apart.

To our dismay, the toppings, which should have been a highlight, were overshadowed by an excessive amount of mayo, masking the potential of other flavors. The final taste didn’t capture the essence of Burger King’s signature offerings, leaving us with a sense of dissatisfaction reminiscent of the #FiveGuysEffect. This experience, falling short of our expectations, marked a significant letdown for the renowned fast-food icon.

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