La Guacamaya Burger | Guacamaya Food truck

La Guacamaya Burger | Guacamaya Food truck

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We were craving a burger from a food truck in Loulé called Trining Food Truck. This happened on a Thursday evening when I decided to give it a try. Upon arriving at the Galp service station, which is where this food truck is located, I was disappointed to find that they weren’t open at that time. I had to head elsewhere and remembered that some friends had recommended another food truck located just outside of Loulé, on the way to the Mar Shopping center.

Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was a Venezuelan street-style food truck, just like the one I originally wanted to try. What impressed me was how clean the food truck looked and the excellent service it provided. If you plan to dine with your family, including little ones, you should exercise a bit of caution, as it’s situated in an open area next to a fairly busy road. However, the space is big enough to park your car, and it won’t be an issue, especially when I visited, as it wasn’t crowded at that moment.

The place is quite peaceful, and the food is served fairly quickly. The food truck offers a variety of Latin American sauces, including the Rizz brand, and of course, their homemade sauces, along with some classic ones that caught my eye and were from the Pingo Doce supermarket brand, which were surprisingly good.

In this case, I decided to go with the house recommendation, the ‘Guacamaya Burger,’ which turned out to be a delightful choice. I was thrilled with this discovery as they also serve Venezuelan drinks and some of my favorite sides, such as ‘tequeños.’

This gigantic burger consists of beef burger patties, chicken, bacon, cheese, ham, egg, lettuce, tomato, onions—phew, I’m out of breath just listing all the ingredients, but we’re not done yet. It also includes crispy potatoes, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and for garlic enthusiasts, a special touch—Venezuelan garlic sauce.

La Guacamaya Burger | Guacamaya Food truck


La Guacamaya Burger | Guacamaya Food truck

La Guacamaya Burger | Guacamaya Food truck














Without further reflection, here is my verdict:

Bun: 10/20 

While I was sitting there in te front row, I could witness every step of how they assembled my burger. I must say I was intrigued by the fact that they steamed the bun to make it softer and ensure a pleasant bite when combined with the rest of the ingredients. It’s a clever idea, but for my personal taste, I found the bun a bit too soft, and it didn’t hold up well against the generous amount of ingredients. However, in terms of flavor and freshness, it was quite good.

Toppings: 15/20 

This is where things get interesting, and let’s remember that we got overwhelmed just listing the ingredients. In this case, the toppings were no exception, so let’s recap them – chicken, bacon, cheese, ham, egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, and crispy fries. The grilled chicken was flavorful and well-cooked, while the crispy bacon, as always, proved to be an excellent burger ingredient. With all these combinations, it was a bit challenging to single out the cheese, but it had that distinct touch of Parmesan. The veggies, on the other hand, were notably fresh.

Condiments: 6/10

Here, I have to highlight that the basic sauces complemented the Guacamaya well. However, the star of the show was the garlic sauce. As a big garlic fan, I must say it was superb. The only thing I’d consider improving, and this is the reason I didn’t give it a 10, was the quantity of the sauce. With so much of it, it was a bit challenging to distinguish the flavors that this large burger had to offer.

Cheese: 5/10 

Here, I must say that unfortunately, the cheese didn’t have a notable presence. It added a touch of flavor, and if you recall, the Guacamaya doesn’t feature the typical American cheese you find in most burgers; it uses Parmesan cheese, which could have been a surprise but was somewhat subtle in its contribution.

Patty: 15/20

At Guacamaya Food Truck, the beef is cooked in a special way, featuring a secret seasoning that undeniably adds a pleasant flavor. Personally, I’m a die-hard fan of medium-rare meat, and this time, it was cooked more than I’d prefer. However, if you’re a big fan of well-cooked meat, I’m sure you’d rate it a 20.

Taste: 16/20 

Overall, I must say the taste is a flavor party in your mouth, a feast of many things happening at once but somehow making sense together. The taste of Guacamaya is undoubtedly a reminiscent journey to Latin American street food.

Verdict: 62/100 

This is undoubtedly a burger you must try at least once in your life. The flavors, history, and nostalgia behind its preparation make it quite special. If you’re a fan of new flavors, you definitely need to add the Guacamaya burger to your list of places to visit. It’s worth noting that this burger is generously sized, so we recommend going with a hearty appetite. If this gem knocks you out halfway through, don’t worry; you can finish it at home and order their house specialty called Garlic Sauce for a flavorful finish.



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