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Maestro Ovo Benedict

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As they always say, “perseverance pays off.” In my second attempt to visit McDonald’s and try the Maestro Ovo Benedict, I can proudly say that I triumphed in my adventure by getting my hands on it. I must admit it felt a bit like an Easter egg hunt, but in October.

During my first attempt to find the Maestro Ovo Benedict, I visited the McDonald’s in Loulé. It was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, right at lunchtime (The place was crowded). As I patiently waited for my turn, I was met with the disappointing news that the Maestro Ovo Benedict was not available. I inquired for more information from the young man who was attending to me, but there was no clear response. This left me wondering whether the Maestro Ovo Benedict might be a breakfast burger only available for early birds?.

This certainly wasn’t going to leave me in uncertainty, so I decided to reach out to McDonald’s customer service via Instagram. I must say that not receiving a response is a form of response in itself.

During my second attempt today, I decided to test my theory. I went a bit earlier, and to my surprise, the Maestro Ovo Benedict was available.

Is This a Breakfast Burger?

I cannot say with certainty that this is a breakfast burger. However, I found it available during the morning hours. I must be honest and admit that I felt a bit catfished. The expectations versus the reality were somewhat disappointing. In the photos, it looked quite creamy with the special Hollandaise sauce. However, in reality, there was hardly any sauce on it, and the cheese was almost imperceptible.

Maestro ovo benedict


Maestro Ovo Benedict

Maestro Ovo Benedict | McDonald’s














Our Verdict: “The Hunt for the Happy Egg”.


Bun: 13/20

The Maestro Ovo Benedict’s bun has a delicious flavor, and the special touch of poppy seeds stood out and added a unique twist. I personally love my burger with good fresh bread, and I have to say Mc Donald’s did not disappoint in this aspect with its classic flavors. It was soft and did not break down with each bite, holding the ingredients quite well.

Toppings: 12/20

The star of the show was undoubtedly the Eggs Benedict. I must admit that with the addition of spinach and the sauce, my perception and prejudice about this burger changed, as it tasted quite good. The combination of the perfectly poached egg, fresh spinach, and the creamy sauce provided a delightful flavor profile. It added a unique twist to the classic burger experience, making it a pleasant surprise. However, the sauce could have been a bit more generous to enhance the overall taste.

Condiments: 3/10

One of the anticipated highlights of this Mc Donald’s event, the Maestro Ovo Benedict, was undoubtedly its abundant sauce. While I expected a more generous application, I was somewhat disappointed as the sauce on my burger felt a bit dry. It’s the sole condiment they serve with this burger, and in this instance, it didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Cheese: 2/10

The cheese seemed to play a game of hide-and-seek in the Maestro Ovo Benedict. I found myself double-checking the promotional photo to confirm the presence of cheese, which, to my surprise, was hidden rather well within the burger.

Beef: 10/20

McDonald’s classic beef flavor is well-known, and it remained consistent in this burger. However, the meat on this occasion was a tad saltier than expected, and it tended to overshadow the other ingredients. In terms of size, it’s a satisfying choice if you’re particularly hungry and in the mood for an adventure.


Taste: 13/20

Despite the slightly saltier beef, the unique flavor of the Maestro Ovo Benedict harmonizes well with the other ingredients. This resulted in a surprisingly enjoyable taste that offered a refreshing break from the usual McDonald’s fare. While it may not be the most extraordinary taste, it adds a welcome change to your burger experience.

Verdict: 53/100

The Maestro Mc Ovo Benedict undoubtedly offers a distinctive culinary adventure, and it seems to shine in the morning. To fully savor this experience, I recommend trying it before noon. In this instance, I found myself enjoying it more than I expected. However, it’s not compelling enough to dethrone the classic Big Mac as my all-time go to. Worth to try not sure if I ever will order it again.

Maestro Ovo Benedict
Maestro Ovo Benedict

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