Poppey “The Vegan IG model” | A Fábrica 

Poppey “ The Vegan IG model” - A Fabrica

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Reviewed by Tiffany Valentine

There we were in Loule, on the hunt for a spot to grab a bite, when we stumbled upon A Fabrica. The place had this cool burger joint vibe that instantly drew us in – the kind where you can imagine hanging out with your crew. 

The decor? Nailed it. Cleanliness? Spotless. It felt like the perfect place to chill with friends and fam. We’d heard about their famous doughnut burger from an Instagram campaign and were all geared up to give it a shot. Bummer, though – it wasn’t on the menu this time. No biggie, we figured it might make a comeback, and when it does, we’ll be first in line. 

Despite the doughnut burger disappointment, we decided to roll with it and ordered three other burgers. Now, let me tell you about the real MVP of the day – the cutest, pinkest vegan burger ever. It was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds called Poppey. 

And now the burning question: will the poppy taste as good as it looks, or is it just the perfect burger for your IG posts? Keep reading to find out our final verdict.

Poppey “ The Vegan IG model” - A Fabrica


Poppey “ The Vegan IG model” - A Fabrica

Poppey “The Vegan IG model” | A Fábrica 














Bun: 16/20  

Lovely traditional bolo de caco in Portugal with a plot twist of Beterraba, giving it this gorgeous pink color. The taste? Fresh and tasty, a definitely original take for a burger bun. For me, it was a hit. 


Toppings: 15/20

We encountered a trio that sounded like a symphony – stir-fried mushrooms, caramelized onions, and wild arugula. The lineup seemed promising, but truth be told, the mushrooms stole the show. Their robust flavor dominated, leaving the other toppings in the background. While the mushrooms were delicious, it’s a bit of a letdown as the caramelized onions and wild arugula didn’t get their chance in the spotlight. Not a major gripe, as the overall taste was still delightful, but I longed for a more even distribution of flavors.


Condiments: 3/10

I couldn’t detect the taste of any sauce in this “healthy” burger. It’s a bit disheartening when the condiments, which are supposed to add that extra zing, are barely noticeable. 


Cheese: 6/10  

La Poppey missed out on this classic ingredient. It turns out it was an oversight on my part, as I believe cheese could have added more depth to the burger and perhaps balanced the vegan flavors without letting the mushroom overpower the rest. Lesson learned for next time, cheese might just be the missing link to elevate the taste experience. 

P.S. No cheesy vibes in this burger, so we sprinkled the average Taste score into this mix! 


Beef: 7/20  

The “beef” aspect of  Poppey. In all honesty, given that it’s a vegan burger, pinpointing the base ingredient was a bit challenging. The flavor leaned towards the neutral side, almost bordering on nondescript. I could faintly detect hints of chickpeas or perhaps beans, but it’s a bit of a mystery. The menu didn’t provide specific details on the composition; all we know is that it’s vegan. 

The taste was decent, but a bit more seasoning could elevate it and add a burst of flavor. A little extra spice or herbs might not hurt to make it more tantalizing. 


Taste: 12/20

I must say, if you’re a die-hard fan of mushrooms and bolo do Caco, this vegan burger is tailor-made for you. It leans towards the simpler side, lacking a robust flavor profile overall. However, if you adore the earthy richness of mushrooms and appreciate the traditional taste of bolo do Caco, it might just hit the spot for you. In essence, it’s a straightforward experience without too many complex flavors. 

Poppey “ The Vegan IG model” - A Fabrica

Verdict: 59/100 

The Poppey, a haven for mushroom lovers and bolo do Caco enthusiasts, brings a simple yet earthy flavor to the table. While the mushrooms take center stage and condiments play a subtle role, the cozy vibes at A Fabrica make it a spot with potential for even more delicious adventures down the line. 

Now, does it taste as good as it looks? Well, I’d say it’s a bit of a “not quite.” For our non-vegan pals, there are probably other options at A Fabrica that might do a tastier dance on your palate. La Poppey has its charm, but it might not be the headlining act for those seeking a more traditional chef’s experience. 

But hey, fear not! A Fabrica’s menu is a living, breathing thing, and who knows what delightful surprises the chefs have up their sleeves for the next round. So, keep that curious spirit alive and your taste buds ready – the next visit might just bring about the perfect match for your flavor adventure! 

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